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The protagonist of Storia Umida is called Mario, a very common name, like every Mario in the world. If your name is Mario you can do anything and if you do nothing or become nothing, no matter, because your name is Mario. Our Mario suffers from hyperhidrosis, he sweats constantly sweating from every pore of his body and he can’t get a grip on anything, life is slipping away from him.

Nobody loves him, not even his parents, who disappeared mysteriously years before, condemning him to take care of his sick sister. But suddenly Claudia asks him to spend the night together and to do everything she orders. Mario will find himself catapulted into an international intrigue between secret societies and semi-automatics ready to shoot, at the crossroads between the unknown and his duties. The reader (even if his name is Mario) is shaken, at last it seems that the stasis, the silence, misfortune are about to end overwhelmed by a new liquid. When it all ends, in the air will remain an invisible vapour, an odourless halo, a history not yet healed: moist.

Text by Ratigher

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