MOTI CELESTI by Michele Peroncini

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Fausto, Siro, and Gian inhabit the Earth like flames burning in the night, without pomp or clamor, like small luminous wounds that open the darkness. Their lives, wandering between reality and imagination, through a Ligurian city with unforgettable lights and rains, are woven with words that seem to come from Shakespeare, Plato’s texts, Paolo Conte’s songs and the conversations that take place in front of wine or after sex. Moti Celesti is a book one would never want to leave, crafted from the provisional trade of basement clearers who are art lovers, the three protagonists’ fights, their schemes, and the women who pass through their lives with love or out of desperation.

It is a surprising debut, in which Michele Peroncini seems to reweave all the lives he has lived to draw as if Andrea Pazienza had been entrusted with a Disney cartoon, or Christophe Blain with the task of creating a comic inspired by Italian neorealism. A miracle.

Text by Jacopo Masini

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