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Lo schermo bianco (The white screen) is the debut of Enrico Pinto, a young Italian architect who has been living in France for a few years. With a restless sign and a surprising narrative skill, he draws us into a near future near future where metropolises are on the verge of deflagrate, amid xenophobic waves and authoritarian impulses, building speculation and social control.

A dystopian tale that is at the same time political thriller and intense love story, that between Salvo, an Italian expat, and Sistine, the eccentric daughter of an architect who has mysteriously disappeared. She is a member of the White Screen, a dissident group protesting against the reactionary policies of the President of the Republic; he is a keen observer of the reality around him. It will be a bomb detonated in the underground that will divide them, and will Salvo into a plot much bigger than himself.

Text by Giovanni Ferrara

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