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ANKE FEUCHTENBERGER visual artist and author, was born in Berlin (GDR) in 1963. Her work – paintings, illustrations, comics posters, costumes and puppets – continues to influence generations of designers. She graduated at the Berlin Academy, than she became a teacher at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, which is the heart of the German comics avant-garde. From 2008 to 2015 she directed the publishing house MamiVerlag with Stefano Ricci. Among his his works include Quando muore il mio cane mi faccio una giacca (Coconino); La fessura (Canicola); Superlacrimella (Logos); Le memorie della menta piperita (Else Edizioni), La Puttana P traccia le sue orbite (Sigaretten), part of a trilogy created with the writer Katrin de Vries. In 2021 she received the Max und Moritz Prize for Lifetime Achievement. Compagna cuculo was the first graphic novel to enter the the five-day Leipzig Festival, Germany’s most prestigious literary prize.

FILIPPO SCÒZZARI was born in Bologna in 1946. He has always played the paradoxical role of the indispensable classic and iconoclastic destroyer in modern comics. He began publishing cartoons and comic stories in the 1970s in “Re Nudo”, “Il Mago”, “Alter Alter”and participated in the Radio Alice experience. In ’78 he founded the magazine “Cannibale’, together with Liberatore, Mattioli, Tamburini and Pazienza, with whom he created ‘Frigidaire’ in 1980, a turning point not only in in comics, but also in Italian culture.  Among his most famous albums are Suor Dentona, Primo Carnera, Il Dottor Jack, alongside an extensive literary production with L’isterico a metano, Prima pagare poi ricordare and Memorie dell’arte bimba. Coconino Press has begun republishing his work with Lassù no (2019),  Il Mar delle Blatte (2020), Una Regina, due Re (2022) e La Dalia Blu (2024).

ENRICO PINTO (Salerno, 1993) is a designer and architect. For the past five years he has lived and worked in Paris, where he began publishing cartoons and illustrations, both for France and Italy. The White Screen  (2023) is his first work, selected through the call for new authors launched every year by Coconino Press.

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